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The workplace has entered a new era which can bring a mixture of emotions — if you enjoy your job, there’s probably at least one aspect that keeps you up at night. According to Gallup’s recent study, 44% of employees globally say they are stressed – and it is your job as managers to bring stability and help lead your teams forward. Yet, these responsibilities can be demanding, stressful and sometimes scary.

Join the HR Elements team as we talk about the most common workplace fears – failure, team underperformance, employee morale, losing or finding people – and how you can overcome them. Learn practical strategies that you can use to create a thriving and engaged culture and reduce stress for yourself and your team.

HR Elements is an outsourcing full-service HR company that helps leaders manage the various fundamentals of business while optimizing their workforce and driving growth forward. We employ best-in-class talent who work together to provide a seamless integrated experience. Learn more about us @ hrelements.com

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10/26/2023, 7:30 am - 9:00 am


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