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Manufacturing & Distribution


Trusted Advisors to 250 Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

We are proud to be both our clients’ CPAs and most trusted business advisors. Going beyond state-of-the-market tax, accounting and audit services, our teams address the specific business needs of our varied clientele.  From strategic business insights that drive meaningful change to process improvement to succession planning, tax strategy and everything in-between, regional manufacturing and distribution firms, both domestically and foreign owned, know that VonLehman is the team to trust.

VonLehman assists nearly 250 best-in-class companies, representing the best in manufacturing and distribution throughout our region.  In Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, everything we do enables them to make more money, minimize taxes and/or streamline operations. The clients in our Manufacturing & Distribution Service Group have annual revenues ranging from approximately $1 million to approximately $100 million.

International Expertise

We currently serve over 35 foreign owned entities with their audit, accounting, and tax needs. We are familiar with the reporting packages that the parent company often requires. We also have several clients that are domestically owned that operate internationally. This large subset of entities has allowed both our audit and tax departments to become proficient in areas that affect such companies.

Driving Value to the Bottom Line

VonLehman is the industry’s CPA and advisory firm of choice for many reasons, including:

  • Our team knows manufacturing and distribution inside and out, so our advice is always on target
  • We stay current on changing market, tax and legislative issues so we can help clients seize opportunities and avoid hidden risks

Respected for our expertise, common sense approach and vision, VonLehman’s Manufacturing & Distribution Service Group will never rest on its reputation.  We invest considerably in ongoing professional development, participate in issue forums and hold several special accreditations.  We are also uniquely qualified to assist clients with multi-state locations, thanks to our longstanding affiliation with CPAmerica International. Our combination of core services and industry-specific specialty services assure you that your VonLehman team will consistently drive value to your bottom line.

Beyond the services listed on our website, we perform the following services for many manufacturing and distribution companies:


Specialty Tax Strategies

VonLehman’s team combined with external partners have the proven ability to identify and execute a wide variety of specialty tax strategies that have generated tremendous savings to many of our clients. These strategies include: Cost Segregation Studies, Section 199 Deduction, R&D Credits, Alternate Fuel Credits, Training Credits, IC-DISC as well as State and Local tax expertise.  

Cash Flow Management

VonLehman’s Manufacturing and Distribution specialists know that today’s fast-paced, global business environment demands improved cash flow management.  In order to remain competitive,  positive cash flow is essential. Our team will help you to better understand your company’s cash cycle and cash flow issues, so that you can continuously improve this critical component of your business. 

Financial Forecasts & Projections

Whether for general or limited use, a VonLehman Manufacturing and Distribution Team will work with you to develop key documents such as:  Prospective Financial Statements;  Financial Forecasts;  and Financial Projections.  These documents present an entity’s expected financial position, results of operations, and cash flows either with or without one or more hypothetical assumptions.  These documents are often prepared for financing partners, regulatory agencies and creditors.  Contact us today to learn more.


VonLehman’s extensive history in our region has provided our Manufacturing and Distribution teams with a deep bench of trusted funding sources across the industry.  When needed, VonLehman clients can call their team with need specifications and we can provide them with a lengthy list of potential financiers.  Whether the financing is for equipment, expansion, investment, or other critical needs, VonLehman provides solutions that enable our clients to secure the financing they need.  

Equipment Acquisition & Utilization

Manufacturers often come to VonLehman for insight on industry-wide best practices.  Equipment Acquisition and Utilization strategies are top-of-mind for many manufacturers.  In today’s highly competitive global market, having a strategic framework in place for evaluating acquisition of new equipment is critical, and often includes strategic evaluation, operational evaluation and financial evaluation. VonLehman works with clients in developing and implementing the strategy and framework that best suits their overall business goals.  Contact us today to learn more.

State and Local Economic Incentives

Manufacturers and Distributors often come to VonLehman when they are considering building a new facility or expanding existing assets.  Many don’t realize the degree of state and local economic incentives that exist and that can be leveraged to their advantage.  Whether you are: making capital investments such as new construction or expansion, investing in new technology and/or equipment; creating new jobs;  relocating existing jobs and/or equipment; or providing employee training and education, VonLehman can assist you in identifying, coordinating and maximizing the incentives available to you.  Contact us today to learn more.

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