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Business Valuation


Business Valuation Services

As a forward thinking CPA and Advisory firm, VonLehman provides services that support our clients’ vision and help to drive their success. Our Business Valuation Services Group supports closely held businesses in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana through every stage in their life cycle – including the possible sale of the company. With multiple Certified Valuation Analysts on staff, and extensive valuation experience across all industries, our Business Valuation Group is uniquely equipped to place a realistic monetary value on clients’ most valuable assets. We understand which factors can enhance or detract value. We often advise clients on ways to make their businesses more attractive to prospective buyers. We know which particular industry rules and tax laws to apply. And unlike firms that take a formulaic approach, we carefully consider the individual history and circumstances of each business. Our distinct approach gives clients confidence that our final valuation number reflects the true worth of their company.

A Distinct Approach

Leaders of closely held businesses recognize VonLehman as a source of experienced advisors during challenging times.  When the issues are critical and results essential, a VonLehman team will assist you in developing the solution you require to reach the outcome you need.  Whether your Business Valuation need is driven by an imminent sale, divorce or other type of litigation,  a VonLehman team and our distinct approach can help you to assess and assign a realistic monetary value on your most valuable assets, with all considerations applied for your unique situation. To discuss your current challenges, please contact VonLehman today.


Business Valuation Service Offerings

  • Estate, gift and trust planning
  • Buy/sell agreements between owners of businesses
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Divorce proceedings
  • ESOP plans
  • Early state/start-up companies
  • Dividend recapitalizations

Issues Impacting the Value of a Business

  • Skill of the workforce and management team
  • Competitive business advantages
  • Opportunities for productivity gains or market expansions
  • Economic forecasts
  • Condition of plant, equipment and technology
  • Barriers to market entry
  • Intangibles such as goodwill, corporate culture and brand equity

Common Standards for Determining Value

  • Fair market value — the price that a willing buyer pays a willing seller
  • Fair value — typically defined by state statute and referenced in dissenting shareholder legal actions
  • Investment value — varies from investor to investor based on perceived differences in risk, earning power, growth and individual tax status
  • Liquidation value — the net amount that an owner could realize if the business is terminated and the individual assets are sold off

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