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Human Resources Consulting Group

VonLehman provides strategic Human Resources Services to clients throughout various industry sectors that drive our regional economy. By focusing on three pivotal aspects — organization, talent and transformation, our HR Consulting Group helps closely held companies, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies steward their most valuable assets in an ever-changing business climate.  Throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, our teams collaborate with clients, becoming an extension of their internal staff, in order to anticipate their changing organizational and employment needs, develop talent across functional areas and avoid costly employment and culture related problems.

By taking an operational level view of client challenges, VonLehman’s Human Resources teams provide innovative organizational strategies and solution implementation at all levels. We deliver integrated or targeted recruiting, coaching, change management and support capabilities to match the needs of client organizations.  For organizational challenges, we assist in evaluating performance at all levels and design programs that elevate performance in all areas and at all levels.  Our change management tools facilitate the adoption of new business imparities throughout the organization, and drive stakeholder engagement. For talent challenges, we help clients to assess key talent roles in order to better align the organization with the business strategy.  A VonLehman team then helps the organization to attract, recruit, develop and retain rainmakers.  As change management advisors, our approach and tools — from initial planning through final deployment and evaluation — will facilitate the adoption of new business imperatives and ensure stakeholder engagement.

A Comprehensive Approach to HR Challenges

Leaders of closely held businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana recognize VonLehman as a source of experienced advisors during challenging times.  When the issues are critical and results essential, a VonLehman team will assist you in developing the solution you require to reach the outcome you need.

Whether your organizational, talent or transformation challenges are internally or externally driven, a VonLehman team can help you to assess and implement solutions that align with your business strategy, helping to drive success at every level.

Please see a list of HR Consulting services below.  To discuss your current challenges, please contact VonLehman today.



Organizational Development

To keep pace with an ever-evolving marketplace, employers’ organizational structures and incentives need to change with the times. VonLehman’s seasoned professionals are masters at transforming obsolete or cumbersome organizational designs into well-aligned systems that support growth and innovation. We start by understanding the client’s business objectives and strategy. Then we evaluate the existing design, consider options and offer clear recommendations for achieving better outcomes.

Employee Recruitment and Selection

Many clients outsource their employee recruitment and selection process so they can focus on their core business. VonLehman’s expert recruiters use “next practices” to advertise jobs, locate qualified candidates, interview promising candidates and structure successful job offers. Our efficient recruitment process quickly fills openings and dramatically reduces the risk of expensive hiring mistakes.

Human Resources on Demand

VonLehman human resource teams are on call to field any employment question or resolve any workforce issue. Our forward-thinking approach leads to better long-term decisions, prevents costly missteps and lessens the magnitude of existing problems. For clients needing on-site HR support, we provide advisors on a full-time, part-time, ongoing or temporary basis. We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Employee Handbook Development

A well-written handbook can reduce employee turnover and avoid litigation. Clients rely on VonLehman’s knowledge of changing laws and next-generation employment practices to keep their handbook current and consistent. VonLehman’s comprehensive approach aligns expectations with both business imperatives and organization culture.

Effective Performance Reviews

VonLehman specialists partner with clients to develop a straight-forward performance management process that recognizes positive performance, identifies sub-par performance and provides a clear roadmap for professional development. We rely on a battery of testing tools, interest assessments and behavioral interviews to create a clear profile of each individual’s strengths and areas of improvement. Our signature approach consistently improves individual and team performance. It boosts morale — and improves overall profitability.

Change Management

The success of most change management initiatives hinges on an organization’s ability to create buy-in among critical stakeholders. This requires communication that builds both rational understanding and emotional support. VonLehman teams understand this complex dichotomy. We use proven tools to assess organizational readiness. We identify potential obstacles and promising change leaders. Then we develop a systematic process for encouraging and rewarding acceptance.

Human Resource Compliance Audits

VonLehman’s HR compliance audits ensure that clients are meeting federal, state and local regulations. We verify that electronic files and paperwork live up to the law and provide recommendations for policies and procedures that are legally administered.

Executive Coaching

VonLehman provides one-on-one talent coaching to senior executives in areas that impact their organizational effectiveness – including leadership style and internal communication. Our proven approach focuses on thoroughly understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, then coaching them along a path of continued personal improvement.

Management Training

VonLehman Management trainers present high-impact, on-site workshops that enhance the management skills of leadership teams while improving employee retention and morale. Our noon-hour and half-day programs address essential how-to human resource skills, including:

Delivering constructive feedback

Employee Surveys

VonLehman’s HR teams design customized surveys that measure employee satisfaction, cultural alignment, work processes and other topics that impact retention or performance. We translate responses into forward-thinking insights. We recommend clear action steps. We also help clients communicate the findings in a compelling fashion to internal audiences.

Managing Staff Reductions

When organizations are contemplating the difficult decision of right-sizing their staff, VonLehman specialists counsel them on how to proceed. Our recommendations consider sensitive legal, communication and safety issues. We map out steps, provide checklists and advise them on the best way to communicate with employees. In addition, we provide outplacement services to departing employees to ease their transition.

Employee Exit Interviews

When valuable employees decide to leave a company, a VonLehman HR Specialist will conduct independent exit interviews to understand why. As outside consultants, we can uncover reasons that would otherwise go unreported or unnoticed. We use the information shared by departing individuals to identify broader patterns. Then we work with employers to initiate positive change.

Employee Benefit Reviews

Teaming with our Employee Benefit Plan Services Group, VonLehman conducts independent, objective reviews of clients’ benefit packages. Our review process ensures that the plan is competitive within the regional market. It also evaluates internal controls designed to prevent misuse, checks regulatory compliance to avoid penalties and identifies ways to streamline administration and improve employee awareness of the benefits. The review has the added advantage of identifying potential process improvements and cost savings.

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