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Strategic Business Services (SBS)

“This group has been a huge help since they took over my husband's small business accounting! They remotely log in to QuickBooks and make sure everything is being done correctly. It takes a lot of burden off of the office manager. Tax time is way less stressful now that we have VonLehman!”

Kelly Owens Schehr

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Strategic Business Services

When you really want your business to succeed, that quarterly or annual visit to your accountant is not going to be enough. You really need a year-round trusted adviser. VonLehman’s Strategic Business Services team is here to help your business prosper.

Our team of experts are not the run of the mill tax and audit professionals. We offer business advice from projecting costs on upcoming deals, to investments that you should be looking into to add value to your business. You need access to accounting expertise on a regular basis to help you evaluate information, make decisions, and take action to secure your business' long-term financial health - and your own.

Why VonLehman for your Strategic Business Needs?

Companies who hire accounting help usually discover they weren't doing nearly as well on their own as they thought they were. Our team is made up of more than people who crunch numbers for you once a year. We’re your strategic business partners who know accounting and can advise you on how to reach your goals while reducing costs. Please see below for a list of our core strategic business services.



To succeed in business, financial reporting is the most important area of concern. Accurate financial records will tell you if you are making money or losing money, where you may be spending too much and which areas in your business need your attention. A professional and detailed bookkeeping system is the foundation on which your business will succeed and achieve the growth required to take your business to higher levels.

By outsourcing your account to VonLehman, you will save overhead costs that align with hiring more staff. You can be assured our expert bookkeepers are performing duties timely and efficiently so your time can be freed up to focus on growing and operating your business. Our services include managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, banking reconciliation, inventory management, payroll and tax applications, and much more.

QuickBooks® and Bill.com

When it comes to account software, we have QuickBooks® certified advisors that can assist you in setup, training, consulting and upgrades. These experts can be your guide to navigating the tools and features of QuickBooks®.

Additionally, we offer Bill.com for all your bill payment and cash flow management needs. This online cloud-based accounting service solution will automate your entire bill pay processes and increase efficiencies by 50-75%, while adding more hours for you to dedicate to your business.


Our team can provide you with the expertise of a corporate CFO at a fraction of the cost. We provide strategy, planning, oversight and compliance services that will make it easier for you to focus on what you do best. We can also assist with cash flow analysis which helps you understand where your money is coming from, where it's going and the critical timing issues that can guarantee - or threaten - your business' ultimate health.


Financial analysis is crucial in gaining an understanding of your company’s performance. We will provide you with numerical, graphical and plain language analysis of your profitability, sales, liquidity and overall financial position. Our team can also analyze how you compare with industry standard benchmarks, as well as, real-time industry averages of others in your industry.

Individual Income Tax and Personal Financial Planning

When looking out for the financial well-being of a small business, you must also look at the well-being of the person behind that small business. At VonLehman, we understand the intricacies of individual income tax. This knowledge provides advice at less cost because clients aren’t paying us to learn their industry. Additionally, we work closely with company owners to ensure all overall business strategies complement their personal tax situation. Our tax team advises on; succession and retirement planning, estate planning, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions.

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