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Coronavirus: Effective Communication is Key


Providing your employees with factual information from health officials and assuring employees that their health and safety is paramount, can help to prepare and educate employees without causing panic. With coronavirus still continuing to spread across the world, now is the time to formulate best practices your company and human resources departments should follow to help your employees stay healthy and infection-free.

Although organizations must take precautions to guard their employees from coronavirus, experts are concerned that fear and misinformation could ultimately land companies in legal jeopardy. HR departments should consider pulling together information pertaining to the coronavirus to create a ready-to-refer instructional guide for employees that not only educates them about the viral infection, but also enlists ways to limit its spread.

The communication strategy should be multi-pronged and use all channels of communication available. VonLehman’s HR consulting team can help you develop employee communications and action plans.

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