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Retirement Plan Event: Guiding Your Company Through Succession/M&A Strategies

9/28/21 – Whether an organization is multi-generational, newly formed within the past five or ten years, or previously acquired, every business owner eventually faces a transition. There are many considerations when it comes to the succession of your company. How does succession planning and M&A activity affect the organization’s retirement plan(s)? What are the considerations for the acquirer and the seller? Does it matter if it’s a stock purchase or asset-based deal?

Greek Organizations Event: Navigating Return to Work and In-Person Events

9/29/21 – Many organizations are taking steps towards returning to work or have been back at work for some time. Additionally, part of returning to work is that chapters are starting to return to in-person meetings and events, such as recruitment, and foundations are looking to whether they should hold donor events. The liabilities and considerations involved with bringing employees, members and donors back can be challenging to navigate. Additionally, making sure all employees are still engaged and culture and morale are intact are areas that cannot be overlooked.

Retirement Planning: Navigating Medicare and Social Security

10/14/21 – Whether you are retiring soon or just beginning to think about it means you may have concerns regarding decisions related to Social Security and Medicare. Understanding the complexities can be cumbersome and overwhelming.

Nonprofits: The Risks Threatening Your Organization and How to Prevent Them

11/16/21 – Vulnerabilities and opportunities of risk are topics that worry most organizations. Understanding the risks your nonprofit faces also means understanding the necessary measures needed to prevent those risks from happening. From insurance coverage to internal controls, there are effective steps to put in place to ensure you are protecting your organization as much as possible.

Past Events

Nonprofit Event: How Digitalizing Your Accounts Payable Helps Your Bottom Line

9/7/21 – Like most organizations, nonprofits are established with two goals in mind: achieving their mission and finding ways to save on costs to better serve their community. Simple changes such as enhanced internal controls, digitalizing your accounts payable, and streamlining your processes not only benefits your company with cost savings, but increases your efficiencies throughout.

Nonprofit Event: How to Effectively Communicate Needs to Your Community

8/31/21 – Communication is key for all nonprofits seeking the support from their communities. Without conveying the needs of your organization, your nonprofit will not only miss out on the necessities of the organization but also the opportunity to reinforce your mission.

What Triggers Nonprofits to Register for Charitable Solicitation?

6/8/21 – Understanding and complying with multiple state registration and reporting requirements can be a confusing and time-consuming task with many challenges. Having a 501(c)(3) status recognized by the IRS is just the start, and it does not mean a charity can solicit donations wherever they want. Currently, over 40 states have their own laws regulating charitable solicitations. Despite the state-by-state nature of these laws, many common themes emerge regarding when a charity should register to solicit in a state.

Nonprofit Event: Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Nonprofits

5/25/21 – We will be discussing the impact COVID-19 has made on Nonprofits. From fundraising, to donor relations, to volunteerism & more, we will be navigating the effects of COVID-19 into the future.

Manufacturing & Distribution: Voice of the Blue Collar Worker Survey Results

5/25/21 – While many in the manufacturing and distribution industry struggle to find talent, retaining the talent they have needs to be on the forefront of all M&D companies. The cost of replacing a worker is monumental compared to the cost of meeting the needs of the workers you currently employ.

Cash Flow Best Practices for Construction Companies

5/18/21 – Construction leaders trying to keep their companies financially healthy face two difficult challenges: the unpredictability of an invoice-based business and the seasonal nature of construction work. Both can disrupt cash flow and make collecting and paying bills challenging. With positive cash flow, your balance sheet is better able to handle the industry's typical ups and downs plus any curve balls thrown by outside forces — such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden's First 100 Days: Tax, Wealth & Estate Planning Update

5/6/21 – As we look back on the first 100 days of President Biden's administration, there have been many proposed changes to tax rates (both individual and business), estate planning considerations, and more. While the effective date for these changes remains unknown, being prepared is the best approach.

Retirement Plans: Understanding Plan Design & Audit Findings

4/27/21 – Plan design does not just impact your employees, it also impacts the plan sponsor. Finding providers, selecting the right plan, eligibility, and more all are factors needing to be considered. Your organization should take the time to fully understand the key elements of your retirement plan to help ensure that the plan design fits the immediate and anticipated future needs of your company. After all, a retirement plan is a benefit to help hard working Americans save for retirement and retire successfully.

E-commerce Trends in Manufacturing & Distribution: Ready for the Future?

4/27/21 – Manufacturing and distribution companies are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution which includes cyber-physical systems, automation, digitalization, data and artificial intelligence. Companies that are taking advantage of technology and innovation are getting ahead of the competition. The global pandemic crisis and its related economic downturn have only accelerated the trends towards digitalization and automation. So, the question is...are you ready for the future?

Manufacturing & Distribution: Cyber Security for the Real World

4/20/21 – Most cyber security presentations are PowerPoints full of bulleted-lists with boring statistics about data breaches. At the end you are given a lot of non-specific recommendations that you already know about. That is NOT the case this time! This cyber security session casts that stale agenda aside and gives you new insight into the rapidly developing world of cybercrime.

2021 M&A Outlook Under the New Administration

4/13/21 – As of today, there are mixed business results throughout our economy, which usually has a big impact on any outlook for mergers and acquisitions. Over the past year, unemployment has escalated, some industries have been decimated by shutdowns or weakened consumer appetite. Additionally, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the U.S. with regard to when things are going to occur and how the political climate will change now that we have a new administration.

Employee Retention Credits: Eligibility, Opportunities and Guidance

3/24/21 – The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was issued March 2020 under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and extended and updated under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. With employers beginning to see the opportunities and benefits of the credit, many employers have questions around the ERC and its impact on their employees and organization.

Private Foundations Event: Best Practices, Tax Updates & 990-PF Mistakes to Avoid

3/11/21 – Private foundations play a critical role in addressing social and environmental issues – especially in uncertain and challenging times. Observing best practices can help donors to create the impact they seek. Additionally, understanding the new developments; tax forms and common errors and omissions to avoid is key to maximizing your giving potential.

Nonprofit Event: Creative Special Events with a Virtual Twist

2/23/21 – We have almost a year under our belts of having only virtual events as an option. Where do we go from here? How do we make these events enticing but also effective? Join us Tuesday, February 23rd as we hear from industry experts who will answer your questions and offer their advice for best practices.

2021 Economic Update: Manufacturing & Distribution

2/23/21 – Join VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm and Fifth Third Bank on Tuesday, February 23rd as we discuss a framework for the post-pandemic economy and explore the changes that lie ahead for the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Nonprofits: Safety & Health in 2021

2/17/21 – As we all embark on a new year, we are still facing many of the challenges we faced in 2020. Undoubtedly, many of those challenges stem from COVID-19 but now employers are faced with new questions. Join Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm, and Manley Burke, LPA on Wednesday, February 17th to hear from experts in the human resources and legal fields on workplace trends.

State of HMDA in 2021; Plus the New 1003 URLA

1/26/21 – We’re all happy that 2020 is in the rearview mirror of course, but compliance never takes a breather. We’re a few years into the newest requirements, but things continue to evolve. Plus we’ve learned quite a bit on how to handle the new coverage and data requirements.

The World of Mergers & Acquisitions: Navigating Tax and Valuation

1/20/21 – The world of mergers and acquisitions has a number of variables that contribute to the complexity of the business. Tax and valuation are two of these which require experts to help guide both buyers and sellers through the transactions.

Retirement Plan Sponsors: Fiduciary Litigation Trends & Common Mistakes

1/14/21 – Assuming your company and retirement plan(s) are in compliance can be a risky and costly decision. However, how do you know if you are in compliance? What steps does your company need to take? What are your fiduciary requirements? Being aware of what auditors and attorneys are looking for should be the first step to ensure your plan requirements are being satisfied.

Nonprofits & Govt Entities: Understand What Auditors Look for in Single Audits

1/7/21 – While not all nonprofits and governments require a single audit, understanding the process is imperative for those who go through one. Your auditor is required to look for specific items during each audit – but what are they? And most importantly, what steps should you be taking to prepare?

Plan Administrators: Your Retirement Plan - Staying Secure & Compliant

12/9/20 – When making sure you have chosen the appropriate retirement plan, are you also looking for the cyber protection your plan needs? Overlooking the details of cyber coverage could be costly to you and your employees. Join us to learn from the experts how to keep your retirement plan secure.

Manufacturers: What Motivates Your Workforce?

12/9/20 – There are a wealth of benchmarking studies to look at but do you know what truly motivates your workforce? While there are a wealth of benchmarking studies to look at, learn what truly motivates your workforce and how your company can meet those needs.

The State of the Construction Economy Panel Discussion

11/19/20 – The construction community has been forced to adapt as a result of the economic effects of COVID-19 on the industry. Luckily, many contractors have been able to maintain a positive trajectory as they position themselves to finish the year strong. As the future remains uncertain, budgeting and forecasting for 2021 remain pressing issues for companies.

Manufacturers & Distributors: Benefits & Cost Savings for Your Warehouse Management System

11/12/20 – Your warehouse management system (WMS) is an instrumental tool to the success of your organization. However, if it doesn’t improve labor productivity, operational efficiency, and help cut costs, are you getting the most out of your system?

Nonprofit Event - Strategies to Establish a Successful Recurring Donor Program

11/10/20 – VonLehman is proud to be partnering with The Covington Business Council for a presentation on strategies to establish a successful recurring donor program.

Nonprofits: Investments, Fundraising and the New Tax Law during COVID-19

10/27/20 – The financial components of Nonprofits such as managing investments and donor relations are all under a microscope in these days of ambiguity. Join us on Tuesday, October 27th for a discussion on how Nonprofits are navigating the current investment and fundraising environment and the new tax structure.

Manufacturing in the COVID-19 Age – What You Need to Know

10/8/20 – VonLehman is proud to partner with Knox Machinery for this upcoming panel discussion. Join us for safe networking and a lively and informative session designed to answer the questions we ALL have on our minds. Come and hear our panel of world-class industry thought leaders discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means to your company – Bring your questions and gain expert knowledge, while connecting with industry peers.

Fair Lending – Recent Developments, Trends, and Important Issues

10/6/20 – When was the last time you looked at your own fair lending program? Have you accounted for new risks examiners are looking for? From new focus on redlining, disparate impact rules, and small business lending, there is plenty to delve into and discuss.

Exit Planning Event: Planning for the Succession of Your Company

9/9/20 – Join us Wednesday, September 9th for our free presentation outlining the best practices for your sale transaction, succession planning, and planning for the future.

Nonprofit Strategic Partnerships

8/26/20 – What are the real benefits – and pitfalls – when agencies enter into formal partnerships? Do agencies really expand their mission impact and help more people? How do you preserve the best of both cultures, or create a new one together?

Nonprofit Lunch & Learn - Social Media Best Practices

8/18/20 – VonLehman is proud to join with The Covington Business Council to present a panel discussion on social media best practices, led by Matthew Dooley of Dooley Media.

How to Future Proof Your Business

8/13/20 – Are you ready for the next wave? Please join us as we discuss best practices and considerations to future proof and prepare you for the next COVID-19 wave. Our panel of experts will discuss three critical components affecting your business: Benefits, Finance, and Employment Law.

Nonprofit Forum (Cincinnati Business Courier)

7/23/20 – COVID-19 has placed new demands on Greater Cincinnati area nonprofits whose missions call on them to do more in the face of hardship. Individuals, companies, and communities are being asked to engage and support one another in new and innovative ways.

Financial Institutions: What’s Next for Community Banks?

7/15/20 – Beyond COVID-19, what does the future have in store for community banks and their industry as a whole? Join us on Wednesday, July 15th for a FREE webinar where we will hear from a panel of industry professionals answering your questions.

HR Forum (Cincinnati Business Courier)

6/24/20 – On June 24, the Cincinnati Business Courier will host a virtual panel discussion among industry experts concerning the ongoing changes and critical issues impacting Human Resources.

Construction Event: Payroll Compliance and Managing Evolving Legislation

6/19/20 – Construction payroll is complex as is and with changes to legislation evolving sometimes daily, contractors need to react quickly and accurately to ensure compliance. Join VonLehman's Dan Kraft and Allison Steiner for this free webinar hosted by Deltek and ComputerEase Payroll Services.

2020 Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Survey Rollout

6/17/20 – Join us on Wednesday, June 17th for the Leadership Council for Nonprofits Compensation and Benefits Survey rollout.

Navigating PPP Loan Forgiveness & the New Flexibility Act

6/11/20 – Recently, VonLehman & Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio met (virtually) to discuss and navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan and the newly passed Flexibility Act. This one hour virtual event provided insight into the PPP Loan including the forgiveness process and updates/changes related to the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act recently passed by the House and Senate.

COVID-19 Impact on Benefits & Other Issues

6/11/20 – Join VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm as we partner with Pension Corporation of America (PCA) and Graydon Law to discuss the CARES Act and its impact on benefits-related issues.

How To Navigate the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Process (Indiana Manufacturers Association)

6/3/20 – The SBA recently released the long-awaited application to apply for forgiveness of a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. They also announced they will soon issue regulations and guidance to further assist borrowers as they complete their applications, and to provide lenders with guidance on their responsibilities. The Indiana Manufacturers Association presents this free and interactive webinar, with Nick Dallas and Emir Hodzic from VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm providing an overview of the Paycheck Protection Program and the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application process.

How To Navigate the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Process

6/2/20 – The SBA recently released the long-awaited application to apply for forgiveness of a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. Join us for a free webinar with a detailed walkthrough of the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application form, plus Q&A session. Register today!

Breweries...Your CARES Act Questions Answered

5/20/20 – Join VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm and Ohio Craft Brewers Association as we partner to offer a panel discussion on the CARES Act and its impact on the brewing industry. While we have all been exposed to a number of resources to guide us through this unprecedented time, this panel of experts will offer their insights and experiences over the last several weeks as well as their guidance for the future.

Nonprofit Lunch & Learn - Strategies for Structuring Your Organization's Development Department

5/12/20 – VonLehman is proud to once again partner with The Covington Business Council for a panel discussion on strategies for structuring your development department.

Driving Value With an Offense Mindset (Goering Center)

5/6/20 – Business owners with a plan for when and how they’ll sell are far more likely to optimize their return when it’s time to pull that trigger. But all plans can be threatened by sudden death or illness, or crippling market shifts caused by many things, including a global pandemic. The Goering Center’s 10 Best Practices equip owners to lead with an offense mindset – helping them maximize the value of their business – so they can transition with the most favorable terms possible when that moment comes. Join our experts as we take a deep dive on the four best practices proven to be the biggest value drivers.

Protecting Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable From Cyberattacks (TechSolve)

5/6/20 – The relationships you have with your clients and vendors are vital to your organization’s success and essential to protect. A single security breach of your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable can damage these relationships and the longevity of your company. Pay fraud is the one of the most common ways that cyber criminals attack small businesses.

PPP Update: Loan Forgiveness & The “Loan Necessity” Certification (Thompson Hine)

5/4/20 – During this virtual event several advisors will discuss the Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness and the “loan necessity” certification. The event will focus on the SBA’s and Treasury’s policy changes for PPP, the imminent deadline to return or keep funds, and how the market is responding. The speakers include several attorneys from host Thompson Hine and Emir Hodzic, Shareholder at VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm.

Mental Health and Our Industry Panel Discussion (Allied Construction Industries)

5/1/20 – VonLehman is proud to partner with Allied Construction Industries on another virtual event. This panel discussion, featuring our own Deirdre Bird and Natalie Thompson, will answer questions and shed light on how mental health issues are becoming more common in the construction industry during this time of uncertainty.

Deciphering the CARES Act for Nonprofits

4/16/20 – GC Nonprofit News is pleased to partner with VonLehman to present this FREE webinar on the CARES Act and its impact on nonprofits.

Manufacturers, Foreign Investors, and COVID-19: Getting Through the Crisis (EACC of Greater Cincinnati)

4/16/20 – The COVID-19 global pandemic is impacting every company (and every individual) across our region. Governments are taking steps to mitigate both the spread of the disease and the economic impact. But given the speed at which this is happening, there is still confusion about who may be eligible for what benefits and what the long-term impact will be. Join our experts from Frost Brown Todd LLC and VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm as we examine COVID-19 topics.

COVID-19 Update: “Ask the Experts” - HR Chat (Associated Builders and Contractors)

4/15/20 – Deirdre Bird, Director of HR Consulting at VonLehman, will bring her expertise in human resources topics surrounding COVID-19 to the Associated Builders and Contractors (Ohio Valley Chapter) chat.

Webinar: Paycheck Protection Program

4/15/20 – Many of our clients and friends are seeking guidance in these times of economic uncertainty. In an effort to help you navigate this period with confidence and hope for a bright future, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm has teamed up with Prolocity to provide a FREE webinar to address common questions regarding the CARES Act, Paycheck Protection Program.

COVID-19 Update: “Ask the Experts” - Tax Chat (Associated Builders and Contractors)

4/9/20 – Dan Kraft, Shareholder/Tax niche, will bring his expertise in Tax and Accounting to our OVABC's chat. 

Managing Finances During The Coronavirus Crisis (TechSolve)

4/7/20 – In partnership with TechSolve, Erin Young, HR Consultant, and Victor Evans, Senior Tax Manager, discussed the information you need now to confidently make decisions for your company surrounding COVID-19.

Getting Your Business Through the Next Two Months Before Federal Assistance Arrives (Building Industry Association of NKY)

4/2/20 – Deirdre Bird, Director of HR Consulting, and Dan Kraft, Shareholder/Tax Niche, and a team of local experts held a video conference covering a wide array of issues surrounding COVID-19. The topics addressed were; HR legal, Construction legal, HR accounting, Tax changes, and SBA loan programs.

COVID-19 Funding for Businesses: Facts and Info (Allied Construction Industries)

4/2/20 – Keith Carlson, Director of M&A Services at VonLehman, provided information needed for businesses to navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 funding options and what steps businesses should be taking.

Briefing the Most Recent Stimulus & Relief Loan Opportunities (EO Cincinnati)

3/31/20 – Keith Carlson, Shareholder/Director of M&A Advisory Services at VonLehman, discussed the details of the COVID-19 lending programs, forgiveness overview, and next steps with other panelists.

Understanding the CARES Federal Stimulus (NKY Chamber)

3/27/20 – Victor Evans, Senior Tax Manager at VonLehman, along with several other firms discussed the details of the CARES Act.

Governments: Understanding Your Financial Statements & Fiduciary Responsibility

2/25/20 – Whether you are dealing with daily financial tasks or are responsible for oversight in your city government, understanding the complex financial statements, fiduciary responsibility, and overall internal controls and compliance for your city are imperative for a successful administration.

Employee Compensation: 2020 Best Practices for Nonprofits

2/19/20 – Competitive compensation goes beyond straight salary. As nonprofit leaders know, investing in employees is crucial for attracting and retaining the best talent for complex nonprofit jobs.

Nonprofit Lunch & Learn - Tips on How to Plan for Successful Events

2/11/20 – VonLehman is proud to partner with The Covington Business Council for a panel discussion on strategies and tips to help your nonprofit plan successful events.

2020 Economic Update: Manufacturing & Distribution

2/4/20 – Regardless of industry, the state of the economy effects each business differently. The decline of talent along with succession issues within the manufacturing & distribution sector are concerning to business owners dependent on the future state of this crucial segment of the economy.

M&D Event: Get Ahead of Cyber Risk

11/14/19 – Manufacturers face a barrage of cybersecurity threats today, and half of companies have fallen victim to at least one data breach during the past 12 months, according to the 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Report. Until an attack takes place, most organizations feel they have done everything they need to do, but later realize it wasn’t sufficient.

Volunteerism: How To Keep Them Engaged

11/12/19 – In this day of constant commitments, finding individuals who are able to give their time can be challenging. However, valuable, recurring volunteers can be one of an organization’s greatest assets. How do you continue to engage these individuals? How do you obtain new volunteers throughout the year? How do you make sure your volunteers stay happy?

Manufacturing & Distribution: Revenue Recognition Update

10/29/19 – Major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes have a considerable impact on how many manufacturing and distribution companies report their financial results.

Nonprofits: Revenue Recognition Update

10/23/19 – Major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes will soon go into effect for financial statements with calendar years ended after December 15, 2019 - and they may have a considerable impact on how nonprofit organizations report their financial results.

Nonprofits: Revenue Recognition Update (Indianapolis)

10/9/19 – Major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes have a considerable impact on how many nonprofit organizations report their financial results. Join our Indianapolis nonprofit team on Wednesday, October 9th as we discuss best practices and understanding the new standards.

Construction: Revenue Recognition Update

10/3/19 – The first financial reporting period for major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes is right around the corner. The 700-page revenue recognition accounting standard includes new rules requiring contractors to disclose more information, and changes how contractors report contracts and recognize income.

M&A Event: How to Assemble Your Deal "A-Team"

9/19/19 – Whether buying or selling a company, your strategic advisory team works as the guiding force behind the transaction. The formation of your team and the tools you leverage is instrumental in making sure you are protected at all aspects of the deal.

Networking: How to be the Voice of Your Nonprofit

8/13/19 – The voice of your nonprofit comes from your volunteers, employees, and the community you serve. They will tell your story and be the biggest advocates for your nonprofit. However, how are they telling your story? Marketing and branding your nonprofit is key in the communities’ perspective of your organization. This event is part of the Covington Business Council Nonprofit Lunch & Learn series.

Navigating the Post-Wayfair World

7/18/19 – The South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling, which overturned the physical presence requirement for state sales and use tax purposes, is having an impact on how taxpayers need to think about their other tax obligations as well. Now is the time companies need to be proactive around Wayfair by identifying and setting in place processes and procedures to comply with these still evolving obligations.

HR Forum with Cincinnati Business Courier

6/13/19 – On June 13th, the Cincinnati Business Courier will host a live panel discussion among industry experts concerning the ongoing changes and critical issues impacting Human Resources.

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Your Questions Answered

6/12/19 – With any new change in tax law, there are areas of confusion and the possibility of misinterpretation. Most recently, the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 opened up the first set of Opportunity Zones, an economic stimulus for investment in low income communities.

HR Forum: Trends and Challenges for 2019

6/6/19 – The efforts to make sure your organization is compliant and strategic when it comes to human resources (HR) related topics is tireless. Your HR department wears many hats, pulling them in multiple directions, leaving them less time to focus on other important aspects of an organization, such as its culture.

Estate Planning Forum

6/5/19 – Join a conversation centered around multi-generational estate planning. We will cover topics such as developing the right team, refreshing old plans, utilizing the increase exemptions, and creating a balance sheet to help your plan.

Employee Benefits Event: Best Practices & Uncovering Mistakes

6/5/19 – There are several common findings that plan auditors detect during retirement plan audits. This includes both Department of Labor and IRS auditors and your external plan auditors. Whether you currently have an external audit of your plan or not, it is important to be aware of these items and more importantly, how you can fix noncompliance when discovered.

Construction Event: How to Recession Proof Your Business

5/16/19 – Join us on Thursday, May 16th as Paul Whaley, Senior Vice President from Arthur J. Gallagher, will discuss recent economic trends and the impact on insurance rates for contractors. Additionally, we will hear from a panel of construction owners who will share real life experiences from the last recession and best practices for building a recession-proof business strategy.

Engaging Young Professionals to Be Your Nonprofit's Biggest Advocate

5/14/19 – Young Professionals are the future of your nonprofit. Their involvement in your nonprofit’s work will build their interest in being an advocate or even a Board Member. Therefore, involving them early in their career is a necessity. Join us Tuesday, May 14th to learn how you can engage your nonprofit within the YP community. This event is part of the Covington Business Council Nonprofit Lunch & Learn series.

HR Event: How to Win the War for Talent (Indianapolis)

5/7/19 – Effective business execution requires the right people with the right talent at the right time. In today’s war for talent, most businesses fail to address their talent strategy in their planning and without it, their business and financial plans are useless. Successfully engaging employees requires leaders to be intentional about moving the needle. However, how do you engage employees to make sure they are committed to your mission and its success?

Cincinnati Business Courier Mergers & Acquisitions Forum

3/26/19 – The Courier's Mergers & Acquisitions Forum will be held March 26th to help business owners enhance the value of their businesses in advance of a sale.

M&A Outlook for 2019

3/7/19 – 2018 was a very good year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the United States. Will trade wars, volatile markets, and global political tensions change that trajectory for 2019?

Manufacturing & Distribution: Utilizing Analytics from Sales to Supply Chain

2/5/19 – Like many organizations facing change, manufacturing and distribution companies are challenged with the same obstacles regardless of the issue. Join us on Tuesday, February 5th as we hear from industry experts who assist in guiding companies with various tools necessary to ensure their change runs efficiently.

Nonprofits: How Will Revenue Recognition Affect You? (Indianapolis)

11/29/18 – Nonprofits face many challenges in recognizing their revenue. The release of the new Revenue Recognition Standards (Topic 606) will significantly affect revenue recognition practices for most organizations. The change in this standard has forced many organizations to re-evaluate their approach to how they recognize revenue.

Leveraging Technology: Enhance Your Company’s Productivity and Accuracy (Indianapolis)

11/28/18 – Is paperwork not only taking over your desk but also taking over your focus? If everyday tasks are distracting from your attention to growing your bottom line, this event is for you. The implementation of technology within your organization may be the solution you need to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting and reporting.

Construction Tech Summit

11/8/18 – Technology is transforming the construction industry and remains a top challenge for contractors. Join us on Thursday, November 8th as VonLehman has assembled a team of construction technology experts who will tackle your top concerns and discuss technology trends.

Nonprofits: How Will Revenue Recognition Affect You?

11/1/18 – Nonprofits face many challenges in recognizing their revenue. The release of the new Revenue Recognition Standards (Topic 606) will significantly affect revenue recognition practices for most organizations. The change in this standard has forced many organizations to re-evaluate their approach to how they recognize revenue.

Manufacturing & Distribution Forum: Top Issues Facing the Industry

10/11/18 – Join us for a free event where we’ll have three separate panel discussions where leading experts from the industry tackle your top concerns. The event will kick off with keynote speaker Paula Marshall, CEO of The Bama Companies. Paula will discuss how she overcame obstacles to grow their business from $30 million to over $350 million.

HR Panel Event: Critical Issues Impacting Human Resources

10/4/18 – Join us for a breakfast event focused on current and evolving HR concerns. Hosted by the Cincinnati Business Courier, the panel will discuss employee engagement, retention strategies, organizational development, compensation, benefits, immigration laws, and educating tomorrow’s business leaders.

New Tax on Services: Is Your Kentucky Business Required to Collect Sales Tax?

6/27/18 – For some Kentucky businesses, the newly implemented tax law means you are obligated to collect sales tax beginning July 1, 2018.

Procurement Update: Guidance for Purchases Made with Federal Funds

6/21/18 – Is your organization or governmental entity expending Federal funds? If so, are you aware of the changes regarding procurement under the Uniform Guidance?

Nonprofits: Successful Employee Engagement and Retention

6/1/18 – Employee engagement is a key building block of a nonprofit dream team. Successfully engaging employees requires that leaders be intentional about moving the needle. However, how do you engage employees to make sure they are committed to your mission and its success?

Individuals – How Does Tax Reform Impact Your Charitable Donations?

5/23/18 – Did you know that giving by individuals accounts for nearly three-quarters of charitable giving in the U.S.? Recent changes to tax legislation can have an effect on the incentives individuals face when deciding how much to give to charity.

Moving on? Not Without a Transition Plan

5/22/18 – With the New Year just underway, now is a great time for every business leader to consider different approaches to their organization’s transition strategy. For many firms, the default is to establish an efficient succession plan. For others, mergers and acquisitions is the pursued path forward.

Fiduciary Fundamentals - Issues, Actions, & Resolutions

5/9/18 – Retirement plan fiduciaries are tasked with ensuring their company delivers a high-quality plan at a reasonable cost. It is important to conduct and oversee regular reviews of plan features, design, services and expenses.

Exit Strategy Planning Seminar

4/11/18 – It's time to get "A Round TUIT"! We are partnering with Sunbelt Business Advisors, Graydon, and Ritter Daniher Financial Advisors to bring this exit strategy planning seminar. Prepare now to control your future!

M&D Insights: Challenges Facing the Industry in 2018

3/7/18 – The innovative world of manufacturing is immersed in issues that are top of mind for leaders within the industry, including workforce planning, NAFTA, labor & employment, and mergers & acquisitions.

Tax Reform – How Changes Will Impact You and Your Company (Northern Kentucky)

3/1/18 – Tax reform is on the minds of individuals and businesses as we enter a new year. The final 500 page bill, often referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, includes sweeping changes that will cause businesses and individuals to analyze their tax profiles.

Moving from Human Resources to Human Relations

2/28/18 – The workforce and the workplace are changing, necessitating a shift in how organizations handle Human Resources. Come learn about the key differences between Human Resources and Human Relations, and how a Human Relations function can become a competitive differentiator.

Tax Reform – How Changes Will Impact You and Your Company (Cincinnati)

2/27/18 – Tax reform is on the minds of individuals and businesses as we enter a new year. The final 500 page bill, often referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, includes sweeping changes that will cause businesses and individuals to analyze their tax profiles.

Tax Reform – How Changes Will Impact You and Your Company (Indianapolis)

2/22/18 – Tax reform is on the minds of individuals and businesses as we enter a new year. The final 500 page bill, often referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, includes sweeping changes that will cause businesses and individuals to analyze their tax profiles.

Manufacturing & Distribution: Be Prepared For New Revenue Recognition Standards

1/11/18 – Major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes will soon go into effect — and they will have a considerable impact on how many manufacturing and distribution companies report their financial results.

Mentoring Your Millennials (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

11/16/17 – Did you know that millennials are two times more likely to stay at an organization for more than five years if they have a mentor?

Mergers & Acquisitions: Business Sale Process

11/9/17 – When making the decision to sell your business to an external party, there are many factors to consider. In many cases, business owners, and even some inexperienced advisors, will overlook key considerations when it comes to sell-side transactions.

Recruit & Retain: Strategies to Close the Manufacturing Talent Gap

11/2/17 – What steps is your company taking to stand out and attract new talent? Many students are taking the route of traditional college and not exploring their options within a career technical school.

Sales and Use Tax 101: How to Stay in Compliance (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

10/26/17 – You received an inquiry from a state asking what your activities are in their jurisdiction. Should you answer it and if so, what should you say?

Contractors – How to Implement the New Revenue Recognition Standards

10/24/17 – Major accounting for revenue recognition rule changes will soon go into effect — and they will have a considerable impact on how many construction companies report their financial results.

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud (Forward Thinking Seminar Series - Indianapolis)

10/18/17 – During this presentation we will provide examples of fraud and what steps you should take to prevent it.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Maximizing Value and Minimizing Risk

10/5/17 – Merger and acquisition transactions continue to grow in the region as business owners prepare to cash out while investor groups look for opportunity in Greater Cincinnati’s middle market.

Why You Should Have Your Business Valued Today (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

9/28/17 – All business owners believe they know the value of their own business but do they understand the drivers that back up that valuation?

How to Create a Successful Succession Plan (Forward Thinking Seminar Series - Indianapolis)

9/20/17 – Invest in the future of you and your company today by attending this seminar where we will review the process and steps essential to ensure a successful transition.

Understanding the R&D Tax Credit (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

8/24/17 – One of the greatest misnomers involving R&D tax credits is that many companies do not think they qualify. To the contrary, these credits are not limited to companies that solely provide product development.

M&A: What You Should Know Before Buying or Selling (Forward Thinking Seminar Series - Indianapolis)

8/16/17 – During this presentation we will provide you with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of business transactions, including determining value drivers, performing financial due diligence, and understanding the tax structures utilized in private company deals.

M&A: What You Should Know Before Buying or Selling (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

7/27/17 – Whether on the buy or sell side of a deal, due diligence and advance planning is imperative to minimizing risks and maximizing value.

Unforseen Risks for Contractors: How to Protect Yourself and Your Company

7/25/17 – Contractors are pulled in many different directions causing them to overlook risks that could cause monetary and reputation damages to their company. Do you know the liabilities your company could be facing? More importantly, do you know how to address them?

Fraud, Title IX, First Amendment: The Uncovered Risk within Greek Organizations

7/12/17 – Vulnerabilities and opportunities of risk are topics that worry most organizations, including Greek organizations. Legal issues such as those at Harvard and Penn State cause severe damage to the reputation of Greek life on campus.

Can You Outsource Your Accounting Department? (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

6/22/17 – Are you too busy running your business and building your brand to spend time on accounting? Do you know the difference between debits and credits? Who is your second set of eyes?

Why You Should Have Your Business Valued Today (Forward Thinking Seminar Series - Indianapolis)

6/21/17 – All business owners believe they know the value of their own business but do they understand the drivers that back up that valuation?

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

5/25/17 – Occupational fraud costs an organization an average of 5% of revenue loss each year and sometimes much more!

Avoid Common Pitfalls of Retirement Plan Compliance

5/18/17 – When was the last time you reviewed your employee benefit plan? If you can’t remember, then it has been too long. Not reviewing your plan is something that could cost your organization thousands of dollars.

How to Create a Successful Succession Plan (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

4/27/17 – A successful transition of your business isn’t planned at the end, rather proper planning starts at the beginning. Don’t wait until you are nearing retirement to begin the conversation of the future of your company.

Nonprofits: Are You Prepared for Upcoming Changes in Financial Reporting?

3/27/17 – Did you know FASB has not updated their financial reporting requirements for nonprofits since 1993? That is all about to change as the forthcoming updates will affect all nonprofit entities.

Workforce Planning (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

3/23/17 – C-Suite professionals all agree on workforce engagement, that people are our greatest asset, that we should be strategic in our actions - and, that doing these well takes us down a path to greater profits. But, where does a team start?

Construction Insights 2016

11/15/16 – This event will highlight hot topics throughout the industry, including the best and worst practices for construction contractors.

Employee Benefit Plan Update: Is Your Plan in Compliance?

9/22/16 – Did you know that one in three employers had their retirement plans audited by the federal government over the past two years?