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Avoid Common Pitfalls of Retirement Plan Compliance

5/18/17 – When was the last time you reviewed your employee benefit plan? If you can’t remember, then it has been too long. Not reviewing your plan is something that could cost your organization thousands of dollars.

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

5/25/17 – Occupational fraud costs an organization an average of 5% of revenue loss each year and sometimes much more!

Can You Outsource Your Accounting Department? (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

6/22/17 – Are you too busy running your business and building your brand to spend time on accounting? Do you know the difference between debits and credits? Who is your second set of eyes?

M&A: What You Should Know Before Buying or Selling (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

7/27/17 – Whether on the buy or sell side of a deal, due diligence and advance planning is imperative to minimizing risks and maximizing value.

Understanding the R&D Tax Credit (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

8/24/17 – One of the greatest misnomers involving R&D tax credits is that many companies do not think they qualify. To the contrary, these credits are not limited to companies that solely provide product development.

Why You Should Have Your Business Valued Today (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

9/28/17 – All business owners believe they know the value of their own business but do they understand the drivers that back up that valuation?

Sales and Uses Tax 101: How to Stay in Compliance (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

10/26/17 – You received an inquiry from a state asking what your activities are in their jurisdiction. Should you answer it and if so, what should you say?

Mentoring Your Millennials (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

11/16/17 – Did you know that millennials are two times more likely to stay at an organization for more than five years if they have a mentor?

Past Events

How to Create a Successful Succession Plan (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

4/27/17 – A successful transition of your business isn’t planned at the end, rather proper planning starts at the beginning. Don’t wait until you are nearing retirement to begin the conversation of the future of your company.

Nonprofits: Are You Prepared for Upcoming Changes in Financial Reporting?

3/27/17 – Did you know FASB has not updated their financial reporting requirements for nonprofits since 1993? That is all about to change as the forthcoming updates will affect all nonprofit entities.

Workforce Planning (Forward Thinking Seminar Series)

3/23/17 – C-Suite professionals all agree on workforce engagement, that people are our greatest asset, that we should be strategic in our actions - and, that doing these well takes us down a path to greater profits. But, where does a team start?

Construction Insights 2016

11/15/16 – This event will highlight hot topics throughout the industry, including the best and worst practices for construction contractors.

Employee Benefit Plan Update: Is Your Plan in Compliance?

9/22/16 – Did you know that one in three employers had their retirement plans audited by the federal government over the past two years?