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Charitable Solicitation Services


charitable solicitation registration

Before a nonprofit is allowed to solicit donations within a state, they must first register with that state. Most states have laws requiring registrations to protect their citizens and facilitating transparency. The definition of “charitable solicitation” is very broad.

why is registering so important?

Avoid Negative Consequences

  • Fines and penalties can be assessed.
  • State tax exemption could be jeopardized.
  • Violating state laws can hurt goodwill and credibility causing you to miss out on potential donors.

Benefits of Compliance

  • Grant-making organizations might not accept applications unless the nonprofit is registered.
  • The registration process can take weeks, or even months.
  • Fostering trust with your donors and demonstrating accountability to the public.
  • Allowing your nonprofit full freedom to solicit donations as the opportunities arise, without fear of fines, penalties, or legal violations.

What is the Process?

  • 41 states and the District of Columbia require Charitable Solicitation registration. Registration is required to solicit (aka “ask”) for donations, not just for receiving donations. Many states provide registration exemptions for certain types of entities. Common acts that may require registration:
    • Direct requests for donations via phone calls or in person;
    • Newsletters which include requests for contributions;
    • Emails which include requests for donations;
    • Fundraising events such as gala dinners, auctions, golf outings, or 5K events when donations are received;
    • “Donate Here” buttons on a nonprofit’s website.
    • Register: Each state has its own forms and registration processes.
    • Renewal Requirements: Most states require registration renewals, typically annually.

VonLehman’s Charitable Registration Services team can assist your organization in understanding complex state registration requirements and can guide your organization’s compliance with those requirements. If you need help, contact us through the form below or reach out to Bryan Pautsch, David Harrison, or Alex Bramer at 800.887.0437.

Charitable Solicitation Registration – Approach and Process

Our nonprofit clients have their hands full providing services and programs that enrich our communities, improve lives, and making the world a better place – in both big ways and small. This registration service exists to make sure our clients are compliant with the law, while freeing them up to pursue their mission.

Where to start?

  • We start by analyzing the solicitation activities of our clients and prospects to determine where they may have a solicitation registration requirement.

Then what?

  • We can provide initial registrations and ongoing renewals by tracking due dates and managing the necessary paperwork and information required for filing. If a nonprofit is already managing their registrations, we can step in and take over the renewals going forward, freeing them up to get back to what they love.


  • We have reliable due date tracking and document management software that lets us know what is needed and when.
  • If you are already a VL client, we already have most of the information we need to handle your filings. If you are not, we work proactively to obtain any information required.
  • Filing fees and registrations can be submitted on your behalf, and then we can incorporate the various fees into an invoice, meaning fewer checks.
  • We will work proactively to arrange receiving your signature on any registrations that require it, and we maintain records of all submissions and confirmations.

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