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VonLehman Guides Field Aerospace Liquidity Deal

07/27/2020 Keith Carlson

Like many lower-middle-market companies with multiple owners, differences can, and often do, emerge in regards to timing liquidity events. These can stem from contrasts in perspective, personal matters (age, health, etc.), or even just differences in business philosophy. Such was the case with Field Aerospace, an international company headquartered in Cincinnati. One of the minority shareholders desired a liquidity event, but the ownership group was not synchronized on timing.

VonLehman’s M&A Advisory group engaged the minority shareholder to search for institutional private equity groups that would be interested in purchasing his minority equity position. VonLehman’s team advised our client regarding expected valuations, constructed the potential buyers lists, prepared the needed marketing materials needed to solicit feedback and offers from interested groups, managed and considered non-selling shareholders desires and wishes, and aided and assisted in the entire execution process (due diligence, legal, negotiations) to see the transaction to the final close.

Minority equity sale transactions with multiple owners are generally rife with issues due to the complexity of juggling needs of multiple shareholders that have different agendas while also obtaining the maximum beneficial outcome for our client(s). VonLehman was able to navigate everyone’s particular desires to reach a successful conclusion that ended with the liquidity event our client desired, yet maintained the desired outcomes for the remaining shareholders.

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